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Hello and welcome to Blood Moon Inn! I am the curator, Athena, and *gestures to a furre beside her* this is Lilith Chandra, the assistant curator. We've been very busy to get this site in good condition. So far it's still pretty messed up, but it works at least. *grinz* So, are you wondering why it's called Blood Moon Inn? Well the idea struck me when I was in an ICQ chat. What if I created a role play atmosphere about it. Then one of my friends, Gryph (luv ya! =~.^=) saided he went outside to a cliff where a lake was below and an idea struck me.. blood moon inn. So here I am. And every time you chat with me, remember that you have entered Blood Moon Inn! My ICQ number is 7228318
Thanks to (alphabetical order) Bastet, Gryph, Jade Claw, Nephrenia, Skyrunner, and Wez!

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