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"I'm not insane, I'm just not mentally perfect."

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Age: Middle teens.

Species: Currently gryphon.

Gender: Female

Mate: None.

Likes: Flying. Writing. Reading. Paranoia. Scary things. Sharp objects.

Dis-Likes: Snobs. People who dis things they don't even know about. Loud noises. Electronics.

Personality: Dependant entirely on herself, she normally prefers to have few close friends than a whole crowd. That doesn't mean she won't participate in group activities however. She, unlike many others, isn't very fond of those who aren't gargoyles. She believes she can't trust them, and in many ways she can't. But she has her stories, and will often spend hours alone in a room writing.. or attempting to. Her talons prove to be a great problem.

Appearance: She is roughly 5'9" tall, which isn't very big considering most gryphons. She has grey feathers covering her complete body, the only change in color is black on her beak, eyes, tail fluff, and claws. Some consider her attractive in gryphon terms, but she doesn't think so.

Magical Abilities: Studying witchcraft.

Non-Magical Abilities: Acrobatic flying. Writes interesting stories and poems, sometimes songs.

Genealogy: Sorcerer (long dead) in Ireland.

History: Athene, originally named Meredith, was born as a gargoyle in Ireland. Tended to by a sorcerer, she lived in his home for many years. Then on her birthday, February 16th, she took the sorcerer's greatest heirloom.. an amulet. She put it on and immediatly turned to stone, and would stay stone for one thousand years. She awoke February 16th, 1999 on a military training camp. The men chased her off the campus and she found herself in Manhatten. After a brief stay with the Wyvern/Manhatten clan she left to travel and see more of the wonder of modern day technology. She met a nasty group of warlocks who cursed her. She had the ability to shape-shift into any form she wanted. She ended up at Gryphon Tower after several months and attempted to morph a gryphon. She stayed in the form for a while and all most forgot how to shape-shift. Unfortunately (or fortunately) she could not shape shift back.