Gryphon Code

*NOTE* All samples on this page were taken from Tagar's code!!!

Whole Sample:
GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [FCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 p!t b^ i--! fa+++ c[L] s++ Fr-- .[mod] l+



This part of the tag can be changed. Keep the GC part though!!!! Just the .G can be changed. Here are some examples:

* indicates that you can put your own species in that spot.

GC.G   Gryphon
GC.B   Bird of Prey
GC.C   Chimera
GC.D   Dragon
GC.H   Human
GC.L   Lion
GC.M   Mecanical/robotic/cybernetic
GC.P   Pard
GC.R   Roc
GC.S   Shapeshifter
GC.T   Centaur
GC.U   Unicorn
GC.V   Vampire
GC.X   Phoenix
GC.Rt   Rat
GC.WL   Winged lion
GC.WW   Winged wolf
GC.HG   Anthropomorphic
GC.MG   Robotic gryphon
GC.M(*)   Any robot species
GC.H(*)   Any anthro species
GC.(*)   Other species
GC.S(*-*)   Shapeshifter (shifts two forms only)

For mixed species, separate races with a stroke. Example:
GC.X/G   Half-Phoenix, Half-Gryphon

SPECIES SPECIFICS GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) Basically for Gryphs only. Start with a type tag T with distribution for Fore (tag F) and Hind (tag H) parts. If your specific species isn't on here, feel free to write it out. For example, T(Fe Hl) would be a eagle/lion gryphon, while T( Hhc.mainecoon) would be a Gryphon that was a shallow-tailed kite in the fore and a house cat (maine coon breed) in the hind. This secion is meaningful in addition to the color tag because some might be a species but with coloring that differs (for example, they may be a lion, but with spots of red on black, or a tiger with no stripes, but all brown instead). e for eagle e.b for bald eagle e.g for golden eagle e.h for harpy eagle e.t for tawny eagle fa for falcon fa.p for peregrine falcon k for kite for shallow-tailed kite ke for kestrel ke.a for American kestrel o for osprey hr for harrier v for vulture v.k for king vulture v.t for turkey vulture c for condor c.a for Andean condor c.c for Californian condor h for hawk h.rt for red-tailed hawk h.h for Harrison's hawk for broad-winged hawk for red-shouldered hawk h.ab for augur buzzard h.c for Cooper's hawk for sharp-shinned hawk gy for gyrfalcon ow for owl p for psittacine (parrot) p.m for macaw p.mb for blue and gold macaw for scarlet macaw for green wing macaw p.a for Amazon p.t for cockatiel p.c for cockatoo p.e for eclectus sb for song bird pi for pigeon/dove wo for wolf (wolven head, neck etc.) l for lion l.a for Asian lion for African lion t for tiger t.s for Siberian tiger t.b for Bengal tiger lp for leopard j for jaguar ch for cheetah pu for puma oc for ocelot ja for jaguarundi hc for housecat hc.a for alley (mixed breed) cat hc.s for Siamese hc.ab for Abyssinian hc.m for Manx wo for wolf Tails: tl lion tail tlf lion with feathered base tb bird tail tbl long bird tbs short bird tr reptilian/dragon tail ts scorpion tail tw wolf tail Ears: eft feather tufts (rather than external ears) eg gryphon ears (Heraldic style, long, pointed, feathered) ef feline ears efl lion ears efh housecat ears em mule ears };> ew wolf ears For example: T( Hhc.mainecoon tlf efh) would be a shallow-tailed kite in the fore, a maine coon housecat in the hind with a lion tail/feathered base and house cat ears. T(Fe Hl tprehensile eg) would be an eagle/lion gryphon with a prehensile tail. GENDER GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] So that no embarrassing mistakes are made: [f] female [m] male [n] neuter [h] hermaphrodite DIET GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ Rate yourself according to what you eat! d--- I'm a vegetarian Gryphon. d-- I eat green salads garnished with small animals d- I live off of small animals and grubs d I eat horses exclusively d+ I eat horses and antelopes and other large game d++ I eat horses, large game and the occasional human d+++ I live off of Unicorns and humans d[bananacreampie] exclusively eats banana cream pie (substitute any food here) PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) How many people have you told you're a Gryphon??? Or seperate the tag to denote both public knowledge of your "mythical" status online (ol) and real life (rl). For example: pk(ol+++ rl---) would be told all your online friends, but none of your offline acquaintinces. pk--- My secret. pk-- If someone were to guess, they would be short one limb. pk- One person knows, but it scared them off. pk My closest confidant knows. pk+ A few of my closest friends know. pk++ All my friends know; so do my parents. pk+++ All my friends knew, but didn't believe me, so I disemboweled them. GRYPHON FRIEND GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) [gf tag would go here: Tagar does not have one] For non-Gryphons only!! How much do you associate with Gryphons? Do you like Gryphons? Do they like you?? gf++++ Have you noticed? You've started growing feathers... gf+++ Popular with Gryphons; you're invited to 24 hour Eyrie parties gf++ Reasonably popular; you visit for tea and haunch of horse gf+ Polite acquaintance; you've brought over Jell-o (TM) gf Tolerance; they don't try to disembowel you, you don't try to skewer them gf- Irritant; they think about having you over for lunch gf-- Maddening; they think about a quick snack; now! gf--- Infuriating; you're not good enough for a meal gf---- Cold fury; they're gonna hunt you, and find you, and then... EYRIE LINING GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ Your Eyrie and amount of wealth. How thick is the golden lining in your nest? (AKA hoard size or bank account *grins*) e++++ The whole thing is solid gold e+++ The goldís so thick sleeping is my favorite past time e++ Itís a comfortable nest; but I wouldn't mind some more e+ Thereís a ring of gold around the edges e The nest isnít bare sticks, but... e- Sleeping is torture -- I wake up with wing cramps e-- No gold, just twigs e--- Donít even have my own Eyrie COLORATION GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] This is one of the longest elements for some, and can also get confuzzling! F tag for Feather color, C tag for Coat (fur) color. Put FC before the abbreviation if the pattern goes for both feathers and coat overall. Put O for overall if you aren't a Gryphon, H for hair (non-gryphons)... use the following abbreviations: g gold b bronze s silver c copper gry gray bl black w white t tawny br brown r red y yellow blu blue gr green o orange f flesh (human/humanoid skin, any racial type) pur purple rnb rainbow/many colors wo gray wolf coloration rwo red wolf coloration (If your color isn't included, spell it out.) Also, some Gryphons have raptor or feline patterning. Here are codes for some of the common ones. be bald eagle os osprey ge golden eagle p peregrine falcon k kestrel gy gyrfalcon (white phase) bgy gyrfalcon (brown phase) ggy gyrfalcon (gray phase) so snowy owl rt red-tailed hawk sm scarlet macaw j jaguar l leopard sn snow leopard ti tiger wti white tiger ch cheetah Details and modifiers for your coloring: | for stripes [r|w is "red with white stripes"] @ for mottled . for spots / for highlights - for color shifts/changes [r-blu is "can shift from red to blue"] : for eye color [:r is "red eyes"] > for beak color , for tail color L for a light version of specified color [Lr is "light red"] D for a dark version M for metallic T for transparent version [Tr is "transparent red", like red glass] ~ for invisible or colorless [also, r-~ means "red, can turn invisible"] Examples: Fg|>Ly Feathers gold with silver stripes, fur gray with black spots, eyes red, beak light yellow FCk Kestrel patterned (it is assumed beak and eyes are same colors as a kestrelís unless otherwise noted) FbeCt:gr Feathers bald eagle pattern, tawny fur, green eyes OLfHbr:blu Overall light flesh, brown hair, blue eyes AGE GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- How old are you? Gryphons can live a very long time. a++++ Eternity? Wasn't that yesterday? a+++ The sun is a kitten a++ Old enough to know better a+ You're been around a Mature adult a- Young adult a-- Fledgling a--- Kitten a---- An egg (nearly hatched!) GOLD ATTITUDE GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- How important is the golden lining of your Eyrie? Does just the thought of a shiny gold peice make your eyes sparkle? Or does money take a back seat to your stomach? Unlike Eyrie Lining, this topic reflects your attitude towards gold (wealth) rather than how much you have. g+++ Iíd sell my own kittens to improve the Eyrie g++ I've been known to add other Gryph's our human's wealth to my eyrie g+ I like to guard any underground gold pockets I notice. g Take your hands off my Eyrie or I'll take your hands. g- As long as I have a nice lining in the nest Iím happy. g-- It was all stolen while I was out hunting horses! g--- I'm a philanthropist. Gave it all to the Society for the Advancement of Gryphons (AKA Gryphon's Guild). MATING STATUS GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ Happily mated or single and looking? Happy as a bachelor? m+++ Am I mated? Ask my kittens! m++ Ask my significant other (mate/husband/wife)! m+ Ask my sweetheart (girl/boyfriend)!! m Ask me, PLEASE! *hopefulsmiles* m- Don't ask! m-- Single and happy m--- Never ever m+-+ Single with kittens (m) Ask me, and I'll knock your beak off m** Ask my other half, who is at the keyboard with me! (RL mates!) m(w) widowed KITTENS GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 How many kittens do you have? K for kittens and then the number. For example: k3 three kittens/fledglings/offspring... k2 two kittens k1 one kitten MAGICKAL POWER GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 p!t Magickal power. Gryphons arenít known for Magick, but a few Gryphons have picked up some tricks from wandering mages, especially tricks like dissapearing or hiding an Eyrie in plain sight. p? What's magic? (none) p--- Slight of hand p-- It just fizzles and dies. p- I did it and the neighborhood's still intact! p Most of my spells work, but who knows when ... oops. p+ Passed my magic final! p++ Building my own laboratory! p+++ Not quite there... p++++ Archmage (hehehe!) p! You can call me "Almighty One!" e elemental -- if limited to a specific element: f fire w water e earth a air t telepathy r rites/incantations/spells/etc. wi witchcraft s sorcery we weather pr primordial tc technological SIZE GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 p!t b^ How big are you? b+++! I collect interstellar objects b+++ Roc sized b++ Whale (orca) size b+ Shire horse size (average Gryphon) b Lion to tiger size b- Human size b-- Bald eagle size b--- House cat size b---! Sparrow size b^ Size-shifter IRRITABLITY FACTOR GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 p!t b^ i--! Gryphons are known for the terror of their anger and their fierce temperaments. This can help to know who youíve got to be careful around so you donít arouse this temper. i+++ KILL, KILL, KILL!! i++ Come too close and you're horse meat i+ I've been called a grump. i Honor and Justice and Chivalry are the only reasons to fight i- Just don't call me bird brain and youíre fine i-- I take it all in stride i--- You could skewer me and I wouldn't blink add... ! for terrible wrath once roused FLIGHT ABILITY GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 p!t b^ i--! fa+++ How well can you fly? fa+++ I live on the wing... acrobatics are my life fa++ I teach young Gryphons how to fly fa+ Iím good at the moves of the Mating Flight fa I can get where I need to when I need to... quick and straight fa- I can fly, but Iím slow, and loops and dives are beyond me fa-- I have trouble even with soaring fa--- I canít fly at all CALLING GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 p!t b^ i--! fa+++ c[L] Your position as a Gryphon. The tag for Calling is a lower-case c, not to be confused with capital C for coat color. c[W] Warrior/Knight; saving maidens, going on quests and such c[G] Gryphon of the Guard; protecting your clan/Flyte/flock/pride/tribe/king c[S] Shaman/Mystic; doctor, herbist, religious leader, soothsayer c[L] Leader/King/Queen/Lady/Lord; a leader in your clan/Flyte/flock/pride/tribe c[P] Provider/Hunter; provide food and hunt for yourself, family or community c[H] Herder/Farmer; care for the herdbeasts or crops (and animal husbandry or plant care) c[Pa] Parent/Childcare; you devote your life to your kittens (or are currently), also nanny or babysitting c[T] Teacher; you educate younger Gryphons in clan ways/hunting/flying/etc. c[Sc] Scholar; devoted to wisdom and learning c[A] Artist/Bard/Poet/Author/Actor; you devote your life to your art c[B] Businessperson; capitalist/office job, whatever level c[Sci] Scientist c[M] Mage; magic is your profession (also court wizards and such) c[C] Chef/Cook c[description] if your calling doesn't fit or you'd like to be specific SOCIAL LEVEL GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 p!t b^ i--! fa+++ c[L] s++ Do you like to spend your time among many friends or are you a complete hermit? s+++ I'm only happy as part of a huge crowd s++ I have friends in every species, and like to be with them s+ I love living in a pride/flock/tribe/clan s I have a few close friends s- I associate with my extended family occasionally s-- I live with my mate s--- I live and hunt and like being alone GUILD FRUITINESS GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 p!t b^ i--! fa+++ c[L] s++ Fr-- How long have you been a member? Fr+++ I was a member when it formed! Fr++ I was one of the first to sign up Fr+ Fruitier members know my name and who I am Fr My name is known, but nothing else Fr- Someone MIGHT know who I am... Fr-- They're still responding to my welcome post Fr--- I haven't even said anything yet, I'm lurking -=PROPOSED TAGS=- They become "standard" if they are used. Use them if you like them, or don't use them at all. TIME PERIOD GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 p!t b^ i--! fa+++ c[L] s++ Fr-- .[mod] What time period do you associate with? There are those gryphs that have medieval airs about them... they play the lute, fiddle with archery, perhaps even speak in archaic grammar... then there are Gryphs who are very up to the minute, very into the computer age... CyberGryphs! . (for time period) with [time period of your prefered lifestyle] .[pre] Prehistoric (Hunter/gatherer type living) .[ant] Antiquity (Ancient times, especially the times preceding the Middle Ages; including but not limited to Ancient Rome, Ancient Egyptian, etc.) .[med] Medieval (Middle Ages, the period in European history between antiquity and the Renaissance, often dated from A.D. 476 to 1453) .[ren] Renaissance (~14th through the 16th century, marking the transition from medieval to modern times) .[mod] Modern (From the end of the Renaissance on) .[cyb] Cyber (Modern times, but computers and recent technology are a major factor in your life) .[fut] Future (Any time yet to come) LOOPINESS FACTOR GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 p!t b^ i--! fa+++ c[L] s++ Fr-- .[mod] l+ Start with an "l" for loopiness, or your level of sanity and offbeat standing. Thanks to Sparhawk,, for the suggestion to include this tag. l---- I consider this whole "loopiness" tag is a bunch of nonsense; you're ALL crazy l--- I know what reality is, there are NO voices, and I'm very sane l-- Being with friends of l+ standing in public is embarrassing l- I tend to be practical, with a good base in reality l As normal as you can get l+ People eye me warily l++ My sanity and grounding in reality are regularly questioned l+++ When I'm REALLY good, they let me play in the velcro room l++++ When they had a dairy cow toss and tried on Fruedian slips, I went along, had fun AND understood

DOES YOUR GRYPHON CODE LOOK LIKE THIS? GC.G T(Fe.b tlf eg) [m] d+ pk (ol+++ rl+) e+++ [fCbl :blue -any color /pur] a- g- m+++ k3 p!t b^ i--! fa+++ c[L] s++ Fr-- .[mod] l+