Lilith Chandra-By Athena Name: Lilith Chandra

Species: Mainecoon furre

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Nicknames: LC, Lil

Favorite Colours: Black, red, navy

Birthdate: February 13

Zodiac: Aquarius

(What's A Maincoon?): A type of housecat resembling a racoon in markings. They look similar to persians, with long hair and bushy tails, but have dark stripes on their bodies such as a racoon's.

"Insanity is just a word to some. To me it is a reason for living."

Lilith Chandra-By Athena

Personality: A joking person, admist her Goth figure she is a truly kind soul. She is fond of meeting new people, but is often too shy to talk to anyone but her friends. She loves to read about Greek and Roman myths.

History: Born and raised on Allegria Island, she was orphaned at the age of seven and spent her growing ages dream hopping. She came upon the goddess Athena who had been travelling through Furcadia and was invited to stay in the great Parthenon, the temple of Athena. She accepted, and left Furcadia to defend the temple. When she reached the age of thirteen she met Wez and went back to Furcadia. She also met her good friend Skyrunner, and sugar-addict-equalling-to-a-very-hyper-furre-named Growlie.

Cool Facts About LC:

  • She loves to draw..
  • She loves to write..
  • She HATES to cook..
  • She CANNOT sing..
  • Her best friends are Wez and Skyrunner. =^.^=
  • Athena taught her everything she knows.
  • Her favorite songs include "Intuition" by Natalie Imbruglia, and "Fall From Grace" by Sarah MacLachlan.
  • She loves to learn of witchcraft!

    Weaknesses: She's really clumsy, admist the fact she is a cat. But she gets through. She loves to quarrel and fight, and gets angry easily.

    Talents: She is an accomplished artist and author. She is a good fighter when given the chance. She has a certain nack for annoying people. Or is that a weakness? =~.^=

    Dislikes & Enemies: Her enemies include anyone who ignores her. =^.^= She is also extremly unfond of those who are extremely on the snobby side. She hates goody-goody people as well. And she hates HUMANS.