Name: Pallas Athena
Species: Goddess
Gender: Female
Age: Immortal
Nicknames: Athena
Favorite Colours: Greyish-blue, black
Birthdate: Unknown
Zodiac: Unknown
(Other Facts?): Athena is the goddess of wisdom mainly, war and the arts secondly. This picture is a chart of the major Greek/Roman gods and goddesses.

Personality: Few know what they have in store when they meet her, but Athena will new overstay a welcome. She can be a wise and serious figure at first, then softens up to a sugar-loving hyper little goddess.

History: She keeps to herself history-wise. When she was created however she lept from her father Zeus' head.

Cool Facts About Athena:

  • She is often displayed as a human woman.
  • She was created without a mother.
  • She is known as the Parthenos ("virgin") and her main temple is the Parthenon.
  • She has Medusa the gorgon's head on her shield.
  • She is often symbolized by an owl or other bird.
  • Her weapon is the lightning bolt, given to her by Zeus.