Patra Bulked Up! By Kalia! THANKIES KAL! Name: Kliopatra

Age: 21

Profession: Scribe

Height: 5ft 3"

Weight: 110

Known Relatives: Mother & Father killed in plague

Armour: Vixen

Colours: White, orange, violet

Nicknames: Patra, Pasta, Klio

Element: Water

Origin: Athens, Aegean, Greece

Birthdate: February 16

Zodiac: Aquarius

"I'm not insane. I'm just not mentally perfect."

Personality: Shy and quiet, Kliopatra normally keeps to herself, but when she is around those she was fond of.. she's a whole new person. She could be very hyper, and loves to joke. Especially when she's with Presley/Rapses. The two get along great. She thinks highly of her friends, and treats them better than she would herself or her family. She trusts few, in fact many come to believe she only trusts the prince..

History: Kliopatra grew up in a very educated enviroment. She knew few children her own age, so she would create imaginary friends all the time. Many thought her insane by this, but she was in fact envisioning lost souls of people from long ago. She was a strong supporter of Athena and the Greek gods, and they in turn guarded her strongly. When she turned thirteen she had written several stories, which Amenhotep adored. He wanted her to join his council of Scribes. She agreed and left her home in Athens to travel to Egypt. She would be the youngest scribe in the palace.

At that time the prince was five, and both Rapses and Patra grew close. She'd often take care of the prince, and swore to the prince she would never let anything happen to him, and Rapses returned the vow. For eight years all went perfectly. She knew Joari and Eshe best out of the guardians, along with Ja-Kal, but knew Rath, Armon, and Nefer very little. Then one fateful night Patra was going down to visit Rapses when she overheard Scarab's plan to murder Rapses. She raced down the hallways, but this alerted Scarab. She was murdered.

She was buried with a black leather choker with a small fox-head amulet on the front. Rath gave it the power to allow her to transform, just as the other's did. Athena, as a penance for letting Patra die, gave her more magic into the amulet for her transformations. She need only think of transforming to bulk up, instead of screeching "By the Strength Of Ra!".

In The New World: When the last of those who worshipped Athena died, she longed for one to carry on the religion. She chose Kliopatra, and had her awakened. Kliopatra had been in the mueseum of San Francisco. Her sarcophagus was long lost in Egypt. She adapted to her new surrounding quicker than the others. Athena gave her human-colored skin. That would last until she found the other mummies. She loves to just stay with Presley in his home and write a story, or even tell him a story about long ago. But in a way, she more than anyone misses Egypt.

Armour, Weapons, & Abilities: When she transforms Patra gains the speed and slyness of a vixen, but she is still a natural klutz. She has a long wooden staff with a golden ankh at the top, and a piece of material in the centre with foxes and owls featured along it. She does not believe in magic. While within her armour she gains the abilities of heightened sight, scent, strength, speed, agility, and hearing by tenfold.

Known Moves: Flip, kick, knee up, whirl kick, trip kick, ankle lock, punch. Strong points are in her kicks.

Cool Facts About Patra:

  • She as a crush on Ja-Kal..
  • She can't cook to save her life.
  • She can't sing to save her life.
  • She plays the lyre, and is quite mastered with it.
  • She is very shy.
  • Her favorite color of all is black.
  • She loves animals, especially foxes and owls.
  • She has given up on ever getting a boyfriend, but still goes out on dates. ;)
  • She is allergic to bees, jellyfish, and hornet stings. One sting can be fatal. Same with insect bites, such as mosquitos and ants.
  • When she gets angry her hair and/or armour will turn black, along with her eyes.
  • She is taking lessons (new world) to play the clairnet.

    Weaknesses: She is horribly clumsy when not in her armour, so she is often being beat up when fighting without armour. She is short as well, and smallness creates a great disadvantage. She doesn't fight well either without her armour.

    Talents: She is good at writing, and that is how she got to be a scribe. She is well accomplished when she plays the lyre, and can slightly play the flute, and wants to learn how to play the clairnet. She's very intelligent.

    Dislikes & Enemies: Her only enemy is Scarab. She has a certain rage towards him.. and unfortunately that hatred can often make her stupified in battle. She hates it when people come to her and tell her a bunch of boring stuff, and will often ignore those who do so.

    Relationships With Other Mummies:

  • Ja-Kal: They get along well, but she wishes he'd "get rid of the crappy animal stories". She finds him rather cute, but she knew his wife and child and would feel rather.. horrible if they tried to go out.

  • Rath: She is very respectful towards Rath, and unlike others doesn't like to make fun of the haughty man. Plus he's twenty years older, one foot taller, and might hurt her. ;) In other words: she's afraid of him.

  • Armon: She likes Armon as a friend, and they knew each other well in Egypt so it only makes sense for them to be even better friends in San Francisco. Considering there is only eight other mummies.

  • Nefertina: She has a deep honor towards Nefertina considering her fake-man-impression act. Both get along well.. but Nefertina is often exasperated with her due to her want to rather write or read a book than go shopping.

  • Eshe: Ever since they first met, Patra has been close to her admist her looks. Patra herself suffers from iggnorant people teasing her and calling her names... often those were not "demon", as with Eshe. Patra feels nothing to fear from her. And oddly, perhaps Patra trusts Eshe as she does with Presley/Rapses?

    Use This Character Without Permission And Be Ready To Face My Wraith!
    (Armon: I thought Rath belonged to Lyris?)
    (Lyris: ARMON!)