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Story Of The Fox And The Cat

Kliopatra erased and wrote again, the pencil getting shorter by the second. She sighed and re-sharpened it.
"Having problems?" Ja-Kal asked.
Patra turned to face the hunter and blushed, "Somewhat. Eshe wanted me to write the story of our meeting."
"Oh," said Ja-Kal, "The story of the fox and the cat."
Patra laughed for no apparent reason, "Yeah."
Ja-Kal nodded, "Tell me what you have so far."
"It's complete," she said, "But I don't know how to end it."
Ja-Kal nodded again, "Then read it."
Patra smiled.

Kliopatra walked silently through the temple of Babastis. She could hear Ja-Kal and Amenhotep with the owner of the temple talking about directions. As she so slowly creeped up the stairs she could feel eyes watching her.
She turned and a black tail disappeared around the corner. She turned and followed it, until her walk turned into a run. Behind the temple it skittered under the back stairs. She leaned down, and a pair of eyes glared back at her.
"Leave me alone," it stated flatly.
Patra fell back, "Who are you?"
"Eshe," said the creature slowly getting out from the stairs.
"Wow," said Patra, "What are you?"
"It was a curse," Eshe stated, "That's why my father is dead."
"A curse?" Patra asked, "Oh. Perhaps Rath will tend to you."
"Rath?" Eshe asked, "No. I rather like my form."
Patra smiled, "It is rather.. curious however."
Eshe laughed, her voice now a sweet melody.
"Patra?!" Ja-Kal voice rang over the plains and the temple.
"I must go," said Patra, and giving Eshe a brief hug disappeared from the temple and was gone.
Eshe smiled.

"Now I need an ending," Kliopatra sighed.
"Oh," said Ja-Kal, "There is none. You and Eshe have been friends for thirty thousand years, and will remain so for the rest of eternity."
"Interesting spin," said Patra, "Thanks."
Ja-Kal nodded and stood and Patra stared at the paper in her hands.
Eshe looked at her from the couch she sat on.
"It's done?" she asked.
Patra walked over and handed her the paper.
"It's done," she said and turned to Ja-Kal form as he disappeared around the corner.
Just as Eshe had, and Patra in turn had, so many years ago.