beast form

  • white jaguar

    robotic form

  • silver and grey-blue humanoid


  • hand-held quasar cannon
  • long steel spear


  • speed
  • tracking
  • jungle/forest survival

    Character Profile


    She loves to read, but finds there a lack of reading utilities so she will often be caught typing a story. When not writing she is often away in the forest, enjoying herself as a true jaguar would.


    Being the youngest of the Maximals, she can be mischevious and reckless. However she is very loyal to the Maximals, and trusts them fully. Called the "oddity" of the group, she is used to people insulting her because of her past, and blows it off easily. She is also currently the only female Maximal, or so she thinks for BlackArachnia is Predacon.

    furthur data

    Delirium13, or Del as she is nicknamed, was once a Predacon. If you were wondering why she is Delirium13.. originally she was just plain Delirium, Predacon spy. The Maximals somehow managed to catch her and took her to their base where her spark was removed and placed in a Maximal body, making her Delirium02. When would get damaged in a battle they would take her spark and put in another body. She was used for tests for new technology often. Then she was tired of being used and treated like a porcelain doll and left Cybertron. She crash landed on Earth and was found by the Maximals there.


  • *Optimus* and Del get along well. She trusts him more so than any of the other Maximals, so it appears, and would follow him anywhere and is behind him one hundred percent. He's wary of her intentions however due to when she left Cybertron..
  • *Rhinox* originally thought Del should go back to Cybertron, but knows she can't because her ship was so badly damaged. By and by he's learned that she belongs with the Maximals and is a neccesary part of the team. Del thinks of Rhinox with pride, as he is older and knows more than herself.
  • *Cheetor* and Del get along very well, as they are both the youngest of the team. Del is one of the only ones to believe Cheetor won't hurt them in his new Transmetal Two form, but she believes he might hurt Silverbolt as Cheetor and BlackArachnia are getting pretty close..
  • *Silverbolt* acts like a father to her, which Del often hates but sometimes understands. He was created to protect, and he protects Del well. However he and she often have differences of opinion, especially on Cheetor..
  • *Rattrap* find Del utterly annoying, but she's pulled his butt out of the fryer so many times he's start to maybe like her. Unfortunately for him Del hates his guts.. err.. circuits. Does that work?
  • Del is sad that *Tigertron* and *Air Razor* are gone, even though she never knew them and from the look of things she never will.